Starting Hyphens


Starting Hyphens is a series of lessons that seeks to help you lay the groundwork of faith and spiritual formation as your young adults walk into their colleges, places of work, and their cities so that they can be a shining light to everyone that they meet. Starting Hyphens is intended to strengthen young adults in their beliefs and encourage them to ask hard questions, seek the Word of God daily, and establish good spiritual habits that will carry them into ministry wherever life may take them.

Whether you’re a youth pastor looking to help your students transition into Hyphen ministry or a Hyphen young adult leader just getting your group off the ground, we want to help you bridge the gap and lay the foundation for your passionate group.

This resource will be a living resource and one that Hyphen will continually update to expand on the scope of topics and focuses. We want to make sure that you are equipped with the right resources to educate your students and have access to materials on issues that your groups are asking about today.

Starting with Phase 1, we will cover such subjects as:

  • Science & Creation
  • Identity
  • Career Paths
  • Tradition & Scripture
  • Mental & Spiritual Health
  • Belonging
  • Avoiding Isolation
  • Purpose
  • Hard Questions


With Phase 3* in development, we hope to cover a much wider range of important issues and life skills that will continue to establish best practices for any young, growing Christians.

We encourage you to share your own hard questions and what resources could benefit your group as they continue to grow into the believers that God wants them to be.


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Phase 4 Coming Soon*


For training on starting and building your hyphen group, check out our free training series here: HYPHEN MINISTRY CENTRAL


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