About Us

Our Mission

Hyphen seeks to connect 18-30 year olds To Service…With Purpose… Through Resources…For a Mission.

Our Vision

Not only do we long to see Hyphen thrive and expand at a local and district level, we also look for this ministry to grow nationally and internationally. As the Hyphen Team, we are committed to serving the Hyphen Generation intentionally with excellence. It’s time to build. It’s time to grow. It’s time to beat every statistic that would say this generation will not stay in church, will not know their God, and will not make it to Heaven. We believe this generation is hungry for an encounter and an experience with God that will change their life and change their world!


Hyphen’s strategy is to facilitate the growth of Hyphen ministries from a local to a global level. Our objective is for district development to inspire and encourage local church development of young adult ministries. We seek to raise awareness of the “Power of a Hyphen” and we pray God will continue to allow key leaders, pastors, district leaders, and sectional leaders from a local to a global level to experience the value the Hyphen Generation can bring to the Kingdom.


Our goal is for Hyphen, a young adult ministry, to be a resource and training-driven ministry by seeking out, developing, and integrating new ideas for resources, curriculum, and training. We are enhancing our focus on the Hyphen website content to provide pastors, youth presidents, district hyphen leaders, local church hyphen leaders, and hyphens with up-to-date resources. We will work to continue to build purposeful connections with pastors, youth presidents, district hyphen leaders, local church hyphen leaders, and young adults. The Church does not need Apostolic Millennials who are living with one foot in the church and one foot out the door. The Church needs Apostolic Hyphens with one hand tightly clutching Truth and another hand in the world grasping for the lost! Our goal is for young adults around the world to realize they were created for a God-given mission to “Be A Hyphen.” The assistance our team provides, through resources and training, is to equip Hyphen leadership with the tools they need to connect Hyphens to service with purpose through resources for a mission.

Hyphen’s come a long way since its inception. We invite you to learn about and join the journey.

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