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Hard Questions: Racism

Posted by: in Young Adults on January 22nd

The Truth About Racism by Stephanie Miller   Picture Perfect World Close your eyes and imagine a perfect world. For some, it may resemble the garden of Eden: green trees, animals roaming free, and perfect weather. For others, it’s an industrialized version of paradise with a trendy coffee shop on the corner, where the barista… View Article

Preserving Apostolic Truth

Posted by: in Young Adults on December 11th

Preserving Apostolic Truth by Jasmin Michelle Smith   To understand the importance of preserving apostolic truth, we must start by understanding the true meaning of doctrine. Doctrine can be defined simply as any rule or principle. More specifically, doctrine is a rule, principle, or body of principles taught for acceptance or belief, by a religious,… View Article

Good Grief! Dealing with Disappointment

Posted by: in For Leaders, Young Adults on November 16th

  Good Grief! How to Dealing with Disappointment by Dr. Kristin Keller   “A new era of human spaceflight was set to begin as American astronauts would once again launch an American rocket from American soil to the International Space Station as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley… View Article

Hard Questions: Political Affiliations

Posted by: in Young Adults on April 1st

  Hard Questions: Political Affiliation by Stephanie Miller   The current political climate of our world is volatile enough to make anyone want to bury their head in the sand; but I believe to be effective Christians, we are called to do the opposite. As believers, we often remain silent when we should be speaking… View Article

Hard Questions: Loving the Lost

Posted by: in Young Adults on April 1st

  Hard Questions Loving the Lost by Jasmin Michelle Smith What does it mean to love the lost? Who are they? What is our responsibility according to the Word? What was Jesus’ relationship with those who were not “like Him”? If we are called to be like Jesus and to obey His Word, then we… View Article

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