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Say Yes, Get on the List

Posted by: in Young Adults on October 18th

Say Yes, Get on the List! by Jasmin M. Smith   There have been numerous times over the past few years that God has asked me to do things that, in my mind, I knew I could not do. Yet, when I said yes to them, I was surprised to discover that not only was… View Article

Second Chances

Posted by: in Young Adults on October 4th

Second Chances by Stephanie Miller   Second chances can be a tricky thing to navigate. We’ve all been the recipient as well as the giver of second chances. Sometimes we can become entitled when it comes to receiving one, yet when someone seeks a second chance from us, we often withhold it from them. We… View Article

When God Says No

Posted by: in For Leaders, Young Adults on October 4th

When God Says No by Mandy DeHart   In November of 2017, my husband and I moved to his home-state to plant a church.  We were excited, full of faith, and ready to fulfill our mission.  However, once we moved to the area the “no’s” began appearing around every corner.  The doors that began to… View Article

Servant Leadership

Posted by: in For Leaders, Young Adults on July 15th

Servant Leadership 101: Find a Need and Meet It by L. J. Harry Loches Road. Some can’t even pronounce it much less find it, but that’s where I went to church when I was nine. It was out in the country, in the little village of St. Louisville. We packed in around thirty people on… View Article

Positive Persecution

Posted by: in For Leaders, Young Adults on November 18th

In a recent study by the Barna Group, it was found that younger generations of Americans (those between the ages of 18 and 44) are more accepting of Pentecostal and Charismatic beliefs than older generations. Younger generations also believe in the Holy Spirit at higher rates. These results reflect the increased spirituality of younger generations…. View Article

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