Just Find the Need

Posted in Young Adults on December 4th

Just Find the Need

by Caleb Kelsey

A short time ago, I awoke to text from my father: “Praying for you today son. Allow the Lord to take you beyond your notes/thoughts”. I was preaching at a church that I attended for several years; church that is right on the precipice of revival. A church that I love.

I was preaching Ezekiel 37:1-14 – Dry bones. However, this was not your typical dry bones message. I wasn’t talking to dry bones, I was talking to “an exceedingly great army” (Verse 10) who already had life breathed back into their bones.

A church that has seen the miraculous.

A church that has walked in supernatural provision.

A church that knows how to fight on behalf of their families, co-workers, and loved ones.

An army.

I have been speaking in front of people my entire life. Public speaking comes naturally for me and for what it’s worth, I enjoy it. When I started preaching, I was so used to speech writing that I would always write my sermons out in a manuscript style. Manuscript sermons have their benefits and many anointed preachers write word-for-word what they intend to communicate.

Recently my Father has been talking to me about leaving a space in my preaching for God to speak through me in that moment.

It was in that sermon about dry bones that I was driving home the point that if we recognize ourselves as an “exceedingly great army” then there are several implications that are associated with bearing the title ‘Army’ – Sacrifice & Strategy

One of the personal benefits of manuscripting my sermons is that I tend to memorize them more effectively that way. I felt God prompting me to leave my iPad and walk off the platform, which was fine because I knew I had the next 10 or so minutes memorized.

When I got to the altar I was communicating what the next steps for this army should be. What soulwinning and sharing Jesus should look like. I felt to pause and see if there was another direction that I should follow. The result of that pause was about 20 minutes of sermon that I did not have in my manuscript – 20 minutes of a deep burden for the lost that fell heavily in that place.

Simply put,

“You find the needs and I will meet the needs”

I’ve overcomplicated soul-winning in the past but this thought, as simple as it is, has changed the way that I approach communicating Jesus to people.

This is my current experiment:

  1. Seek God in the morning before I go to work
  2. Ask him to direct me to someone with a need – big or small
  3. Be bold in proclaiming to that person that God is able to meet that need
  4. Take that need before God
  5. Let God do all the work

Sometimes this process takes longer, and it often varies case by case. Some people will not give access without relationship and that’s okay. If God has led you to them, He will guide you through the process. Have faith that He wants to show that person his ability to meet their needs. When the door opens and that person is allowing you access – it’s important that you verbalize God’s ability. I’ve stayed away from prefacing that “even if he doesn’t meet the need…” Rather, take the specific need and in that moment, trust.

In your life and in mine, God has continuously met our needs. Every time He does, my faith is strengthened, my resolve grows and my trust in his word is enhanced. Sometimes, even though I’ve seen his ability, it still blows my mind when He meets my needs.

You know that feeling right? WOW… look what the Lord has done – Do you remember the first time?

He loves your classmate.

He loves your neighbor.

He loves your co-worker.

He loves your family.

He desires to be the one they turn to when they have a need. He wants to blow their mind and reveal himself as God. All we have to do is find the need and he will meet the need.

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