Say Yes, Get on the List

Posted in Young Adults on October 18th

Say Yes, Get on the List!

by Jasmin M. Smith


There have been numerous times over the past few years that God has asked me to do things that, in my mind, I knew I could not do. Yet, when I said yes to them, I was surprised to discover that not only was I capable of completing the task set before me, but after obediently walking through each open door, I learned something that God was wanting me to tap into in the future.

I had never taught a bible study before, and at most had only answered some of my sister’s questions about God and The Bible. To say the least, I felt extremely unqualified, but I said yes despite that fact. About a third of the way through the 13-week study, I realized that not only was I becoming an effective guide through The Bible for the person I was studying with, thanks to the help of the Holy Spirit, but I was also learning a great deal for myself! It’s true that you have truly solidified your own understanding of something when you can teach it to someone else.

No matter what each of the open doors looked like, they always asked of me something far beyond my comfort zone, and often beyond my knowledge as well. God was not only giving me opportunities to push myself to do those things, all the while discovering new strengths and talents; He was also positioning me to rely on Him, and learn more about Him and my role in His Kingdom.

We are almost never truly qualified or equipped for the opportunities that come our way, but despite how cliché it may sound, we must remember the God does not merely call the qualified, He qualifies the called. It is important to say yes when we are asked to serve the Body in some way because we never know what it might be meant to teach us or prepare us for.

What happens when no one is asking you to serve in some way, to use your talent, or to contribute to a major project? God will not always lead others to ask you to do things for the Church; the Body of Christ. Sometimes He expects us to seek opportunities to serve and minister on our own.

Are you willing to try something you have never done before, in order to support a project within the church? Does your church need more teachers in children’s ministry? Does your Youth Pastor need help planning or preparing for an event? Are there any outreaches you could be giving your time to? You do not need a specific calling from God in order to participate in these various ministries. You simply need a willing spirit.

Bishop Doug Davis, of Bethel United Pentecostal Church in New York state, once told his congregation that the first step in finding your ministry is to “Get on the list!” Specifically, he reminded them that there will always be hallways to vacuum and toilets to clean. Maybe something like cleaning the church seems insignificant to you, as compared to a calling into the five-fold ministry, but ask any pastor or preacher where they began and they will likely point you toward a church bathroom. Being faithful in the “small” things is how we can show God that He can trust us with the big things (Luke 16:10).

So, I’m asking you, right now, what are you doing to get on the list? How are you spending your time? What are you doing with the various talents God has given you? Are you being a good steward of them or are you waiting in the background for someone to ask you to serve? We need to actively seek opportunities to do so.

Let not your hands become idle, but instead find ways to put them to use in the church and in your local community. Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might and with all your heart for the glory of the Lord, not the praise of men (Ecclesiastes 9:10, Colossians 3:23, 1 Corinthians 10:31).

Say yes! Get on the list!



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