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Resource Video: The Mission of Hyphen

Posted by: in For Leaders, Young Adults on January 8th

  Hyphen’s mission is to release young adults into their everyday world so that they can be the church outside of its four walls. Hyphen Ministries is committed to developing leaders and individuals who will go out into their communities and make an impact every day of the week. Video Download Link:

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Just Find the Need

Posted by: in Young Adults on December 4th

Just Find the Need by Caleb Kelsey A short time ago, I awoke to text from my father: “Praying for you today son. Allow the Lord to take you beyond your notes/thoughts”. I was preaching at a church that I attended for several years; church that is right on the precipice of revival. A church… View Article

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Posted by: in Young Adults on November 1st

Unoffendable. by Stephanie Miller   Hurt people, hurt people. You’ve probably heard the famous quote, “Hurt people, hurt people.” While people may not intentionally hurt us, most of us can verify that this premise is true: if you live long enough, you will experience hurt. This is simply because people are people and only God… View Article

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Say Yes, Get on the List

Posted by: in Young Adults on October 18th

Say Yes, Get on the List! by Jasmin M. Smith   There have been numerous times over the past few years that God has asked me to do things that, in my mind, I knew I could not do. Yet, when I said yes to them, I was surprised to discover that not only was… View Article

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Hyphen Logos for Download (2019)

Posted by: in Uncategorized on October 8th

*Blank spaces below are actually white logos that can still be dragged and dropped, clicked on, or downloaded.   Hyphen Branding Guide: HYPHEN branding guide Direct Link to design files:  

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Second Chances

Posted by: in Young Adults on October 4th

Second Chances by Stephanie Miller   Second chances can be a tricky thing to navigate. We’ve all been the recipient as well as the giver of second chances. Sometimes we can become entitled when it comes to receiving one, yet when someone seeks a second chance from us, we often withhold it from them. We… View Article

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When God Says No

Posted by: in For Leaders, Young Adults on October 4th

When God Says No by Mandy DeHart   In November of 2017, my husband and I moved to his home-state to plant a church.  We were excited, full of faith, and ready to fulfill our mission.  However, once we moved to the area the “no’s” began appearing around every corner.  The doors that began to… View Article

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