Young Adult Checklist

If you’re a young adult who wants to start a Hyphen group, you should:

  • Meet with pastor or appropriate leadership to communicate your desire for Young Adult ministry.
  • Write down a list of every Young Adult in your church and start praying  and fasting over it.
  • Learn the vision your  pastor has for your local church and brainstorm  how the need for Young  Adult ministry connects to the vision of your  pastor.
  • Write  down, organize, and expand your brainstorming ideas.
  • Meet with  your pastor to present a plan for Young Adult ministry and  how it might  connect to the goals of your local church.
  • Start a Young Adult  social gathering in connection to the local church  strategy, with  permission of your pastor.
  • Begin a Young Adult prayer meeting,  with permission of your pastor.
  • Organize a Young Adult Bible Study with permission of your pastor.