Join the #HyphenBday movement!

Sheaves for Christ (SFC) is the fundraising ministry of the General Youth Division of the United Pentecostal Church International. Since its inception in 1953, over $120 million has been raised to fund missions and ministries around the globe.

By giving up your birthday for SFC, you will be helping:

  • A missionary receive the vehicle he needs to carry the gospel to the furthest regions of his country.
  • A North American missionary have a building so that he can share truth in his community.
  • A child find healing and a future at Tupelo Children’s Mansion or Lighthouse Ranch for Boys.
  • A student pursue his or her calling and Christian Education with a SFC Scholarship.
  • A family overcome chemical dependency and find restoration through Spirit of Freedom Ministries.

When you invest in Sheaves for Christ you intentionally share the gospel around the world. What better way to celebrate your birthday than making an eternal difference in the lives of lost souls around the globe!

Happy Birthday Hyphen Generation! And this year, make your birthday count!

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#HyphenBday Birthday Profiles

Christy Bondurant

Kaiser Ingram

Kristin Keller

Jazmine Huggins

Jordyn Richardson

Step 1 – tell us your story: register

Tell us your story of why you’re giving up your BIRTHDAY for Sheaves for Christ via a quick survey! We’d like to get to know you and to see who you are!


Step 2 – track your progress

Download a form to track your progress. One is for Hyphens to track their sponsors and the other is for District Youth Presidents to track donations.

Once you’ve met your commitment, return your form to your local church leadership. They will make sure the funds you’ve raised for Sheaves for Christ gets to the proper folks!

Hyphen Sponsor Tracking Form

Youth President Donation Form

Step 3 – blow up social media with your #HyphenBday story

Take a quick video about how you’re giving up your birthday for Sheaves for Christ. Be sure to explain WHY you’re giving up your birthday.

Then, simply upload it to your favorite social media platform – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. – and hashtag #HyphenBday

It’s that easy!



Step 4 – Invite people to give toward your #HyphenBday Campaign!

Find the amount of people to give the amount of dollars that matches the age you are turning this year. For example, if you’re turning 22, then you need 22 people to give $22 each.

If your birthday has already passed, it’s not too late – give up next year’s birthday and start collecting now!