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Beyond Leadership

Posted by: in For Leaders on July 15th

Beyond Leadership: The Need for Effective Followership by Micheal D. Robinson  For many years the world has been captivated with leaders, leading, and the process that is leadership; and for good reason. Leaders are, more often than not, the ones in the spotlight for their organizations during both good and bad times. A fact that… View Article

Servant Leadership

Posted by: in For Leaders, Young Adults on July 15th

Servant Leadership 101: Find a Need and Meet It by L. J. Harry Loches Road. Some can’t even pronounce it much less find it, but that’s where I went to church when I was nine. It was out in the country, in the little village of St. Louisville. We packed in around thirty people on… View Article

Positive Persecution

Posted by: in For Leaders, Young Adults on November 18th

In a recent study by the Barna Group, it was found that younger generations of Americans (those between the ages of 18 and 44) are more accepting of Pentecostal and Charismatic beliefs than older generations. Younger generations also believe in the Holy Spirit at higher rates. These results reflect the increased spirituality of younger generations…. View Article

Hyphen How To’s from The Community Meeting

Posted by: in For Leaders on October 2nd

At the Panorama-themed Community Meetings in August, Adam Shaw and Kristin Keller presented an overview of this generation of Hyphens, Millennials, and ways that Hyphen leaders – pastors, young adult leaders, and lay leaders – can lead this generation of Hyphens well. Some of the main topics include: Hyphen’s key demographic Characteristics of Millennials Implications… View Article

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