We invite you to learn with us and to catch the burden for young adult ministry. But first, let’s learn about the past.

Over the past few decades, the Christian world has been rocked by a sharp decline in membership, and no other demographic has walked away from their faith more than those between the ages of 18-30. This crisis of faith was the impetus for Hyphen.

Early in 2009, the General Youth Division felt led by God to create a ministry with the primary focus of reaching out to young adults. After much prayer and thought, the name Hyphen was chosen. This name was meant to represent the phase that many young adults find themselves in, but it also served to symbolize the connections needed to keep them secure in their Apostolic faith.

Hyphen was officially unveiled in Nashville, TN during the 2009 North American Youth Congress. Nathaniel Binion led this first inception of Hyphen, and it was under his direction that the first major national Hyphen events took place. The Nashville Congress was the first to debut Hyphen day sessions. Additionally, the Hyphen late night event called “8” was introduced.

Shortly after these first events, the Hyphen team began to plan its national implementation. The desire was to do an event that would deal with issues that young adults faced, but at the same time be something that they would be excited to attend. It was decided that instead of hosting one national event, and expecting everyone to come to this event, Hyphen would take the show on the road. Thus, the Hyphen tour was born. So, in the fall of 2010, Hyphen tour stops were held in Columbus, OH; Apopka, FL; Houston, TX and Orange Co, CA. Each two-day tour stop featured 5 speakers and a panel discussion.

Hyphen’s third birthday was celebrated in Columbus, OH. It was here that the 2011 installment of NAYC took place, and the hand of God was directing Hyphen. In Columbus, the Hyphen day sessions were the most attended split-sessions. Additionally, the “8” event more than doubled in attendance. It was apparent that the young adults of the UPCI were hungry for fellowship and a targeted word from God.

The 2012 Hyphen tour featured stops in Auburn Hills, MI; Baltimore, MD; Atlanta, GA and Orange Co, CA. Each location experienced an incredible move of God. A new feature of Hyphen was introduced at these meetings. In an effort to help local churches start their own Hyphen groups, the Starter Pack was given to each attendee. This give away marked a shift in the implementation strategy of Hyphen toward the creation of local church Hyphen ministries.

Louisville, KY hosted the 2013 NAYC. This would be the biggest stage for Hyphen to date. The split sessions continued to grow, and the “8” event attracted over 2100 attendees. However, the most important Hyphen moment occurred in the Thursday split session with over 2500 young adults in attendance. It was at this point that the reigns of leadership were transferred from Nathaniel Binion to our current director, Kristin Keller.

Under God’s guidance, and Kristin’s leadership, Hyphen set a course to see great things in 2014. The Hyphen Tour 2014 travelled from Oak Creek, WI; Dallas, TX and the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California. For this tour season, Hyphen experienced a 105% increase in overall Hyphen Tour registration. We also experienced increased attendance at our Hyphen split sessions at NAYC in Oklahoma City, OK, and packed out our “8” Hyphen Late Night event on Thursday evening.

We believe the next few years of Hyphen’s existence are critical in building a sustainable Hyphen culture that will cause the young adults of the United Pentecostal Church International to beat the statistics claiming they will be the first generation of young adults to walk away from the church and never return!